First I would like to say thank you to the coaches of Team Swoop. When my son decided to take his talents (Kam wanted me to say that) to Team Swoop he was welcome with open arms. The coaches immediately saw something in my son and they wanted to expand his basketball IQ and skills. Time was spent on and off the court with the players and the time invested wasn’t something they had to do but something they really wanted to do. These guys have invested so much time and energy into my son and his teammates. Just being a role model to my son who has an absent father makes these men awe-inspiring, incredible guys. They teach the discipline of the game, fundamentals, instill values and hard work, also providing fitness and training advice for my son. I simply cannot thank them enough.

Secondly, I would like to commend the program as a whole. I have been around travel basketball in NC and South Florida for a while and have yet to see a program invest so much in their kids and which is run with such morals and integrity. It’s all about the kids! Fundraising is done to teach the kids that hard work pays off and everything is earned not given. They teach life lessons plus they love winning and making kids better on the court and in the classroom.

Lastly, I want to mention Kam’s teammates and their families. They have showed my son true family values and a sense of togetherness. His teammates have encouraged him to be a better player. They have showed him courage and humbled him while making him laugh and enjoy their company. It’s bigger than basketball here at Team Swoop!


Amber (Kam’s mom)  

Our son Adam was a good basketball player and enjoyed the recreational teams that he played on. I noticed that he had a passion and desire to learn more than he could on the recreational teams. Coach Mike was one of the recreational coaches for Adam and he felt that he can only do so much with the recreational teams. As a volleyball recreational coach myself, I find it very difficult to guide the really good players to get better as there are players in recreational volleyball (as in basketball) that are just there for fun.

Coach Mike recognized this as an opportunity and asked Adam to come and try out for his travel team. This was the best thing we ever did. Going on the second year now, not only has Adam gotten better but he has enjoyed the camaraderie that comes with playing with top skilled players. We are very grateful to Coach Mike and the staff for creating this great venue to help the kids grow physically, mentally and spiritually.

Thanks so much,

The Hartmann Family  

Our son Max met coach Mike in summer basketball camp and played for him in the camp’s summer league. Since they met, Max had a big brother and Mike had a little one. Mike has put countless hours into training Max, helping him develop his game in every way. But he’s also helping Max develop his character by teaching him how to pay attention to the little things and always reinforcing that the strength of any team is in its unity, not its superstars. Our family’s experience with Team Swoop has been amazing. Max has made great friends with kids from different backgrounds that he wouldn’t have met if not for this experience.

The coaches and staff are experienced, dedicated and they always treat the kids, referees and parents with respect. We considered one other team before Team Swoop was founded but all it took was watching one post game tirade by its coach, berating his 4th grade players, for us to know that atmosphere was not something Max should be exposed to. We’re proud to be part of Team Swoop and we’re looking forward to many more years as the organization continues to grow.

The Klauber Family

Since the start of Team Swoop in 2014 my life has changed so much. Being around these kids, parents, and coaches, I’ve learned way more from them then anything I’ve taught. The kids made me better myself as a person because I see how much they look up to me. To be the best mentor and role model I can be requires that I lead by example; I could never be a hypocrite. So I conduct my life the way that I want them to live theirs. I’ve learned that hardships come at every age, friendships come in all colors, shapes, and sizes and, most importantly, I learned to value life in a different way. The parents have shown me how to make sacrifices and love unconditionally. Team Swoop is a family based program and the parents here always go the extra mile for all of the kids, not just their own. In my life, that’s something I have never been around and it’s made me see this world in a different way.

I don’t have kids of my own yet but the other coaches have taught me how to be a family man because they are two of the best dads I’ve ever known. Coach Sean, my best friend of almost 17 years, has taught me so much about the game that I’ve been able to pass on to the kids. Sean and I have known each other for so long that we pretty much have the same mind. Coach Adam is the master mind behind Team Swoop. He has taught me about life, he taught me how to put others before myself, he taught me that’s it’s okay to be wrong but always work extra hard to make it right, he taught me how to have acceptance and trust and most of all he taught me that if you do right by people then blessings will always come your way. Without Team Swoop there’s no Coach Mike. Everyone says that I made this organization but I feel like it has made me. Without Team Swoop I can honestly say that the path I was on would have been much different. I’m grateful for Team Swoop and the people it has brought into my life and I thank god every day. I will always live by the code; Together we stand, together we fall…all for one, one for all.

Coach Mike

Hello I am Deon Lovett a parent of team member “BIG D” Derrick Lovett. Our experience with this basketball program has been such an exciting development and growth process for my son. We are proud to be part of such a well-organized program and coaching staff.

During the regular season and throughout the summer training and conditioning activities Team Swoop provided a lot for the kids. Derrick has managed to lose a significant amount of weight, his conditioning is excellent and he’s learned the basketball skills to become a stand out player. All of that has given him a big boost in morale too. 

Thanks to the Team Swoop organization, parents and teammates.

Deon Lovett 

I wanted to express our gratitude and thanks to Team Swoop. As a busy father of three young, active, athletic children, I originally rolled my eyes when yet another travel basketball team was created within the South Florida area.

Once again being told, “Our program will be different.”  But our experience over the past 18 months has been very different from anything we’ve seen before. Yes, my son’s basketball skill and strengths have improved and we had many individual and team accomplishments throughout our first travel season. But that’s the part we expected.  What I did not expect is the new friendships that my son and I made, and the opportunities to learn many different life lessons that I know has already had a positive impact on both my son’s and my family’s life.

I truly appreciate Coach Adam, Coach Mike, and Coach Sean for their commitment to the Team Swoop program, its players and their families. This is a program that you want to and should be a part of.



Thank you for the support and commitment that makes it all possible.








Team Swoop