At the conclusion of the season, which is typically in August, Team Swoop begins a three month, three part off-season program that runs three days per week (M, W, F) through the month of October. We typically reserve the last hour of Friday’s practice for competitive 5 on 5, intrasquad bracket play.

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(July -August) 

Strength, Agility and Conditioning 

The strength, agility and conditioning workouts are designed by our fitness partner, Elevate Training & Fitness. All players are tested on seven specific measurables at the first practice session. The goal is to increase cardiovascular fitness, upper and lower body strength as well as core strength and to teach proper body mechanics, active pre-workout stretching techniques and efficient movement patterns. For conditioning we use a combination of traditional exercises and position-specific drills with either a time component or specific goal. All athletes are given the same seven tests at the end of the month to measure progress.



(August – September)  

Position Specific Development 

At the conclusion of the season, each player’s skill set is evaluated by the coaching staff and a written report is provided to each of them. Strengths and weaknesses are identified in a way that allows the coaching staff to address each player’s needs in a group setting. All practices begin with the same stretching and warmup routine followed by ball handling and shooting drills. Then, players are split into two groups; post players and guards. Individual skills are developed through a variety of techniques including drills, live play, film study and active discussion with players.

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(September – October) 

Skill Development 

The last part of our off season program focuses on the development of basic skills like, shooting, rebounding, ball handling, passing, footwork, defensive positioning and rebounding. We also teach fundamental basketball concepts to help players as they begin practicing with their school teams.



Thank you for the support and commitment that makes it all possible.








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