DSC_0168 (1)In 2015, Team Swoop created the Dream Team Fitness Challenge, a competitive, team-based fitness challenge for kids ages 8-14. One hundred percent of the registration fees and two-thirds of the other money collected are donated directly to Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. The remaining one-third is used for future fundraising events and to fund Team Swoop’s scholarship program. With more than 80 participants and several hundred in attendance, the event raised more than $25,000 in its first year. The Dream Team Fitness Challenge teaches kids the value of working together. Through collaborative experiences like this, they will learn and retain the core values of teamwork. And, it’s a unique opportunity for us to reinforce charitable values by making giving a family activity.Logo 11-DTFC

This event is an experience that was designed in collaboration with some of the best in the business. Our event planners, Team Enterprises, are pioneers at the art of producing first class experiences that engage, influence and build lasting impressions to ensure future success. Their creativity, event fabrication and logistic planning brought the idea to life and gave our event an identity. Our fitness partner, Elevate Training & Fitness, used their thousands of hours of personal training experience to design and build a course that is fun, engaging and exciting for the kids. Elevate brings energy to the event and a unique passion for educating young people about how to get faster, stronger and less prone to injury.

Thank you for the support and commitment that makes it all possible.








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