Alen Hardy (AKA "Coach Mike")
Head Coach / President
Coach Mike is the Head Coach and heart and soul of the Team Swoop organization. His roots in the game of basketball are lifelong. He’s a natural leader who has coached hundreds of kids in many places from the Boys’ and Girls Club to summer camps and now Dillard Middle School. Mike is also a substitute teacher at Cooper City High School where he focuses on at risk students who need guidance and direction. Mike is highly skilled at fostering a positive environment that promotes Team Swoop’s vision and mission. As President of the organization Coach Mike oversees all basketball operations, creates and develops the practice and game plans, directs recruiting and player development efforts and serves as a role model and mentor to every one of our players. Coach Mikes’ philosophy is “no sacrifice…no reward.”
Adam Klauber
Assistant Coach / Vice President / General Counsel
Coach Adam is a visionary leader who simultaneously sees the big picture and the details. Using his experience as a corporate lawyer he handles all of the business operations, legal matters, fundraising and the development of the organization’s policies and procedures. He’s also the assistant coach responsible for post player development and the implementation of strength and agility programs for the organization. Adam oversees the funding and award process for the Team Swoop scholarship program. Adam’s philosophy is “there is no greater gift than the opportunity to positively impact the lives of young people.”
Debra Klauber
Debbie works out the details that keep the organization prepared and on track. She handles a large part of the administration, parent communication, registration of the team for events, makes travel arrangements, schedules team functions and generally makes sure that necessary plans are in place. Debbie is an appellate lawyer with strong organizational skills and an exceptional ability to get things done correctly and on time.
Michelle Hartmann
Michelle is the custodian of all funds of the organization. She keeps the books, collects and makes payments and prepares the organizations tax returns. Aside from her commitment to the finances of the organization, Michelle also plays an active role in helping plan and organize team functions, travel and social events. Michelle is the owner of South Broward Research, a clinical research company that conducts the clinical trials required to develop new drug therapies and treatments for specific medical conditions.
Craig Shapiro
Equipment Manager / Board Member
Craig is responsible for planning and coordinating the purchase and maintenance of the team uniforms and equipment. He assists with equipment budgets, purchases, repair and maintenance. Craig is an ENT physician, board certified with the American Osteopathic Board of Ophthalmology and Otorhinolaryngology. He practices with the Broward Center for Ear, Nose, Throat & Allergy.
Zac Cardone
Director of Sports Performance
Zac is responsible for creating and refining all of the off season training programs, strength and agility workouts and our pre-game warmup routines. Zac is committed to developing athletes. His passion and enthusiasm are an incredible asset to our program.  Zac holds a Bachelors of Science degree with a sports fitness focus and he’s currently employed as the Director of Programming by our fitness partner, Elevate Training & Fitness.

Thank you for the support and commitment that makes it all possible.








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